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Island Park Sustainable Fire Community

Island Park is a wonderful place to live. However, the beautiful landscapes that we’re surrounded by also pose a significant wildfire threat to homes and businesses.

Island Park residents can take simple steps to make their homes more fire-resistant and safer for fire crews to defend. That means thinning trees and brush near buildings, installing fire-resistant roofing and maintaining a well-watered green space immediately around buildings during fire season.

The Island Park Sustainable Fire Community is here to help. We offer free home evaluations, free slash pick-up, and educational activities to prepare our town for inevitable wildfires.

Miner Paradise Complex Fire

The Miner Paradise Complex Fire in the Gallatin National Forest consists of three fires near Livingston, Gardiner, and Gallatin, MT began on Aug. 16, 2013 by lightning and has consumed approximately 11,658 acres and is 15% contained. U.S. Forest Service photo.

  • Home Evaluations

    Curious about the risk of wildfire on your property? Contact us for a free home evaluation.

  • Free Slash Pick-up

    Clean up your property and take advantage of free slash pick-up days in Island Park.

*No Commitment*

We are currently offering a free home risk evaluation to anyone interested. This evaluation help you discover:

  • How to reduce your fire risk
  • How to protect your individual property areas
  • How your vegetation contributes to fire risk
  • PLUS discover all about your property’s topography

Contact Us  for more information or call us directly


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