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Spend some time with one of our fuels specialists to find out how you can benefit from creating defensible space on your property. An experienced professional will come to your home and evaluate vegetation type, condition, and location of trees, brush, and other vegetation along with your property’s topography to determine how, or if, it would contribute to fire behavior. An evaluation of the buildings, utilities, roads, and other structures that are of value would also be performed.  If there are no structures or utilities on the property, the evaluation will simply involve an assessment of the vegetation on your property.

The time needed for this type of evaluation will depend on the size of the lot, vegetation, the number of structures, and how much work would be involved reducing the threat of wildlife to the property.  Typically, this will take between one and three hours to complete.

An evaluation form will be filled out by the contractor and provided to the property owner at the time of evaluation or soon afterwards.  If the property owner is absent during the evaluation, we recommend that you contact the contractor when available to discuss the evaluation.

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