Wildfire Awareness Days 2017

Wildfire Awareness Days 2017 – Are you prepared for wildfire?

Wildfire Awareness truck

Are You Prepared For Wildfire?

Island Park Sustainable Fire Community hosted wildfire awareness days last week; the theme was Are You Prepared for Wildfire. Wednesday night’s presentation kicked off the week; Chuck Mark Salmon-Challis Forest Supervisor and fire management officer presented stand replacing fire in lodgepole pine at the Flat Ranch. The take home message from this presentation was create some holes in the landscape with fire that are at least 1000 acres in size to help slow down a wildfire in the tree canopy.

Saturday brought 4 hours of demonstrations and informational booths centered around wildfire preparedness and other issues in the Island Park area. Keith Richey and his assistant Kaitlyn Richey from Fremont County Emergency Management provided people an opportunity to use a fire extinguisher on a real fire. One participant said “I have a fire extinguisher, but have never used it.”

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