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NEIGHBORHOODS FROM ASPEN RIDGE TO LAST CHANCE can receive slash pick up this year. Don’t miss out. Slash piles should be put out NO LATER than September 15, 2018 and should be truck bed load size or larger.

We invite participants to cut and stack slash (woody debris less than 7” in diameter) by the road to be included in our slash pick-up.

You can haul your own or notify us to participate in the pick-up by calling us at 208 680 6852.

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What is Slash?

What is Defensible Space?

Defensible space is the area surrounding a house or other structure where the vegetation and fuels have been modified, thinned, or removed to slow or stop fire from reaching the building(s), giving firefighters a better opportunity to safely and effectively defend the property.

Creating defensible space rarely involves removing all vegetation and fuels from the landscape, but it does require a serious reduction in them. When properly done, defensible space can help provide you and your property with protection from strong winds, intense heat, and flying embers.

What Is Slash?

Slash can be defined as the branches, treetops, bushes, and other woody material less than 6” in diameter that remains after thinning or performing other fuels treatments on a property. Slash does not include dirt or other material such as household garbage, chemicals, plastics, appliances, tree stumps, or large roots.

Why Is Slash Hazardous?

Since slash is no longer living trees or vegetation, it generally becomes very dry and, subsequently, very combustible. Slash is often piled together, and this creates a large, highly flammable concentration of fuel for a fire. These piles are especially dangerous when located next to structures or close to standing trees and bushes because they can provide the dangerous “ladder fuels” that cause fires to climb into the crowns of trees where they become difficult and dangerous to control.

I have a pile of slash, how do I get rid of it?

There are several options for removing slash from your property:

  • Take the slash to an approved dump site.  We will have sites to take the slash to in Island Park.
  • Slash can be burned under very specific, controlled conditions (see below).
  • Participate in the annual IPSFC slash days. We will come to your property to pick up slash and dispose of it for you.

Please contact us at or at 208-680-6852 for further questions about slash and how to dispose of it.

Can I burn my slash pile?

  • The State of Idaho requires burn permits from May 10 through October 20. Burning can be limited based on current fire restrictions. It is also illegal to burn garbage and most human-made substances, including: plastic, hazardous waste, paints or painted materials, tires, and trade wastes (produced by a business). These materials emit hazardous pollutants into the air when they are burned and must be taken to a registered landfill.
  • Please visit for more information on how to apply for a burn permit and what restrictions may apply.

I can remove my own slash. Where do I take it?

  • The Meadow Creek Pit at Valley View is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am – 2 pm and Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm.
  • DePatco Pit at Shotgun (208-624-3836). Last year they charged $10-15 per load for IPSFC participants.
  • Please ensure that slash loads do not contain any garbage, appliances, and other non-vegetative material, or we will be unable to accept it. Trash is very costly and time-consuming to relocate.

How do I stack slash properly?

CORRECTLY stacked slash pile.

CORRECTLY stacked slash pile.

An INCORRECT slash pile.

An INCORRECT slash pile.

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